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The two types of remontoir are basically the same. One has an extra hairspring and, in Journe watches, comes with a spring-bladed mechanism. The blade-shaped spring on the new Resonance provides direct linear force for each of the balance springs so they stay in sync for 28 hours. The movement's power reserve is 42 hours. However, because the remontoir uses energy from the mainspring in order to recharge, and there are 2 remontoirs, this function only lasts 28 hours. Do not worry. The balances will continue to oscillate even after the remontoirs are disengaged, due to resonance. This will be in a constant amplitude, as opposed to if only one balance wheel was used.

The case is available in either platinum or 18K red gold 6N in diameters of 40mm or 42mm. The dial is available in two different versions: in white 18K gold or in red 6N gold. Both sundials have been made in whitened guilloche Clous de Paris. The watch is available with either a leather strap, or a gold or platinum

Chronometre A Resonance is the first wristwatch that used the natural physical resonance, without using any mechanical transmission phenomena like a pendulum double or double balance. Journe was preceded by Christiaan Husens in the 17th century and Abraham-Louis Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica, a 18th-century Frenchman, both of whom had timepieces that used the resonance principle.

Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica is to be credited for discovering that dual movements in pocket watch not only synchronised each other via mechanical resonation, but they also offset any differences from each other enabling more precise timekeeping. Journe, 185 years after Panerai Luminor Chrono Replica's discovery, was the first to successfully put this technology into a wristwatch.Richard Mille Replica

When an object or body moves, a vibration is transmitted to the environment. The energy of the vibration is absorbed by another object or body that picks it up at the same frequency. Resonators are used by radio transmitters and radio receivers to filter radio frequencies. If you choose a radio program, we will hear a crackle sound until the wavelengths of the transmitters match and start resonating.